From Texan to Vegan

One Girl's Struggle Through Lent

Day 5: Oh, Sunday, how you tempt me with your time and food

This is way more difficult than I originally imagined. I need to find some vegan cheese ASAP!

Upside? I’m getting more creative about what I’m eating. Downside? Almost everything.

Breakfast: Kashi cereal with milk and 3 cups of green tea

Mid-morning: peanut butter and banana sandwich on an Oroweat Sandwich Thin

Lunch: fideo with tomato and onion

Mid-afternoon: tofu and udon noodles in a sort of broth with ponzu sauce

Dinner: some fish and green beans

Late snack: a small bowl of popcorn

Some of the links above link to recipes but not all are how I ate them today so enjoy!


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