From Texan to Vegan

One Girl's Struggle Through Lent

Day 5: Oh, Sunday, how you tempt me with your time and food

This is way more difficult than I originally imagined. I need to find some vegan cheese ASAP!

Upside? I’m getting more creative about what I’m eating. Downside? Almost everything.

Breakfast: Kashi cereal with milk and 3 cups of green tea

Mid-morning: peanut butter and banana sandwich on an Oroweat Sandwich Thin

Lunch: fideo with tomato and onion

Mid-afternoon: tofu and udon noodles in a sort of broth with ponzu sauce

Dinner: some fish and green beans

Late snack: a small bowl of popcorn

Some of the links above link to recipes but not all are how I ate them today so enjoy!


Dayt 4: Saturday and what to do with the weekend…

Oh, how bad I want to go back to normal life!

Breakfast:  Kashi cereal

Lunch: Asparagus soup and a sample of oysters in Laguna and 3-4 glasses of Pinot Gigios

Dinner: beans (no cheese) and 5-6 stalks of celery

I just want a normal dinner… cheese… turkey… greatness!

Day 3: Wondering What to Eat and a Date…


I definitely feel hungry more often since I can’t stuff food into my face mindlessly. Since I could stand to lose a few pounds, I don’t think that’s a bad thing. Silly enough, every single day I expect to look in the mirror and *be* skinnier… really? IT’S BEEN 3 DAYS! Maybe the crazy’s setting in from the lack of carbs and caffeine. I don’t know.

I did find out that someone I work with is vegetarian and is taking his family vegan for 21 days. I was excited to think that someone can relate to this new life I’m living. (instead of “new,” I 100% was about to type “crazy”)

Good side note: I don’t feel tired till I’m supposed to feel tired. I can go all day on a couple cups of tea. It’s kind of invigorating to know that I don’t get those mid-morning or mid-afternoon slumps. Yay for energy!

Breakfast: a bowl of Kashi with some 2% milk

(Went to a breakfast meeting for work and they had burritos(!) but even if I wouldn’t have given up eggs and cheese, they all had meat in them. It’s very weird for me that more people don’t know what Lent is or what it entails. In Texas, Catholics must be a small majority because even the nonners know I can’t eat meat on Friday)

Mid-morning: banana (it was starting to brown so I just shoveled it in)

Lunch: leftover shrimp salad from Wahoo’s yesterday (I kind of wish I had a little more to eat but it was enough to get me going)

Late-afternoon: wheat pasta and some mushrooms, no sauce (I was about to go on a date and couldn’t make it as STARVING as I was)

Dinner: Seafood salad (calamari, shrimp and scallops – that were overcooked) and two glaases of Pinot Noir at Cafe Santorini in Pasadena. I really liked the place but it was super crowded and our table was *literally* 3 inches from the next one so we did the awkward eavesdropping thing with two different couples. One lady paid for the room (admitted by him) AND dinner. And, we agreed, he wasn’t that cute. The other couple was totally eavesdropping on us… I hope I gave them some good nuggets to laugh about after we left.

After Dinner: Coffee Bean Chai Tea Latte

Day 2: Alright, I’m Starting to Miss Cheese a Little… Okay, a Lot!

Today had more people going “WTH?!” and saying they couldn’t do it… you could. You’re just choosing not to. Anybody’s capable of doing anything, I believe. I’m not some super human. Just a girl who wants to be healthier. Speaking of, I feel like that needs to be clarified further. I love meat! I grew up on 65 acres with lots of cattle. Venison is amazing! My family owns a deer lease. I’ve eaten the gamiest of foods. There is little I would shy away from. This is NOT an issue about animal rights. This is an issue about my health. I really believe that my body needs a “cleanse” of some sorts and I’m thoroughly enjoying treating my taste buds to a different way of eating (no smothering of cheese). So, don’t think I don’t want to eat turkey sausage or have some chicken noodle soup… I totally do! This is about cleaning up my eating so I can live a longer, healthier life.

So, today had a bit more temptation… correction, there were a few things that felt more taunting that yesterday. I’m seeing the error of my ways, God. Can I go back on a bit of this Lent madness? No? Fine, I’ll stick to it!

Breakfast: Nature Valley Peanut Butter bars with at least 5 cups of green tea (I was in a meeting)

Lunch: Wahoo’s salad with shrimp and no tortilla strips or cheese with balsamic vinaigrette… it was bomb and I only ate 1/2… score! I drank a big thing of water then had a big thing of green tea

Afternoon: drank a lot of water and had a cup of tea… I think it was Tazo’s Awake. It was good and the warmth was nice and helped keep me awake

Dinner: beans with salsa. No turkey sausage, no cheese, no rice… just beans. This is where the temptation was so friggin strong. BUT I was starving by the time I ate so cardboard would’ve started sounding good soon.

I seriously need to do some grocery shopping! Does anyone know where you can get Vegan, er, everything? It’s the only way I’m going to survive!

Day 1: Oh My Goodness!

As with all good Catholics (alright even the bad ones do this), Lent means the beginning of the end… for a habit or food. During Lent, Catholics sacrifice something of meaning to them. For years now, mine has been associated with food – go figure! A girl talking about food, right?! Well, this year I wanted to make a drastic decision after seeing a little movie entitled Forks over Knives. It spoke to the health benefits of going vegan. So, for Lent I thought I might go Vegan but after some resistance about my lack of knowledge of how to properly get nutrition via this new form of food consumption, I decided to do a very strict, almost Vegan Lent. I’m giving up the following:

  • coffee – I know but I still get tea
  • chocolate – worst time to start giving this lover up
  • eggs – the one thing I could eat every single day and NEVER get tired of
  • cheese – this will probably be the most difficult part… no, I’m not kidding. I can add cheese to almost everything!
  • meat (with the exception of seafood) – I told my friend that I’d maintain a traditional form of protein till I learned more
  • fried foods – the first year I did this, I was still living in Texas and was stumped for weeks as to what I could eat
  • white flour/rice/pasta – I really try to wheat as much as possible but this will force me into it… saddest part? Sushi!
  • whole-fat dairies – i.e. only low or nonfat versions need apply here
  • liquor – bye, bye vodka waters!
  • beer – and my occasional Stella! (notice wine’s not included… Jesus drank wine so I’m thinking we’re cool)
  • soda – I don’t drink many anyway so this won’t be that hard but the lack of caffeine will take a bit of a toll

So, here’s Day 1… Ash Wednesday… And, what did it look like? Like a lot of “what the heck can I have?”

Breakfast: Starbucks oatmeal with brown sugar, dried fruit and mixed nuts – yummy!

Lunch: Chipotle – this was a bit odd. “Sir, can I have the bowl with, um, nothing?” I got a bowl with brown rice, black beans, corn salsa, hot salsa, guacamole, lettuce and all 3 versions of Tabasco. When I asked if the sour cream was low-fat, the girl said it wasn’t then proceeded to tell me that the guac had more calories. With a bit of a sneer and education in what I’m actually giving up “Hello, it’s not calories, hun,” my friend and I took our seats and laughed about how creamy her’s looked and how green and red mine did. Thanks for my glass of water, too!

Afternoon Snack? I drank half of a Berry Blast Naked Juice… it was so good and while I wish I had a V8 (totally not an endorsed plug), it was enough to make me feel as if I had some fruit in my belly. The reason I wish I had a V8 is simply because I always feel energized after… like I man-handled a massive salad. Do I like the taste? No! Does anyone?

Dinner: tuna with Wheat Thins and some honey Greek yogurt – that stuff is addictive!

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