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Day 15: Now it’s already Wednesday – half the week is gone

I love this line but not sure about Freya‘s song… thoughts? Side note: she has a myspace… I didn’t realize anyone still had a myspace… hmmm…

Morning: apple

Mid-morning: green teas

Lunch: two bowls of potato soup and a big-ish salad with carrots and cucumber at Chili’s

Mid-afternoon: more green tea

Dinner: mashed potatoes with gravy and lots of peas

After-dinner: just a spot of low fat Haagen Dazs… so yummy

I’m under the weather but haven’t gone down for the count… not sure if I can attribute that more towards attitude or diet but it might be a bit of both… no matter what, I’m diggin’ it!


Day 14: Tuesday afternoon, I’m just beginning to see, now I’m on my way

This song is honestly from a band that I never thought I’d quote but a) if I’m staying with a theme, we’ve got to keep it going and b) I really like that line for today so, without further adeu, The Moody Blues Band:

Morning: an apple and dayquil

Mid-morning: 3 cups of green tea (it seriously is keeping me going)

Lunch: Chipotle bowl of brown rice, black beans, all the salsas (including corn), lettuce and guac with a water to drink – I was beyond full and didn’t feel heavy or tired after and some more dayquil – I am not getting sick!

Mid-afternoon: more green tea

Dinner: wheat spaghetti with a tomato cut up and really dark leafy lettuce torn up into pieces with some olive oil drizzled over and some freshly ground pepper… oh, and a piece of wheat pita bread and some kalamata olives – bomb dot com

So, it seems to be getting easier BUT I’m still not 100% (Vegan) yet. Dropping those last dairy items is going to be challenging – not because I love them so dang much but because it’s harder to shop for their Vegan equivalent.

Day 9: On Thursday, Make Sure You Are Thirsty

This song is by a band I haven’t heard of, The Weeknd, but it features someone all Millennials know, Drake. The name of the song is The Zone (Thursday). Is it just me or is it a bit odd? And long? Hm, to each his own.

Breakfast: yea, I didn’t have one – I know… bad! I had an efusjon and 2 cups of Tazo‘s Awake tea

Mid-morning: just tea

Lunch: a cup-ish of wheat pasta (nothing on it) and 4 1/2 stalks of celery

Mid-afternoon: edamame and water

Dinner: cod, brown rice and steamed broccoli and water

Not a banner day but I’ll try to do better tomorrow… I promise!

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