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Day 6: They Call it Stormy Monday…

I thought I’d play with these titles so I googled Monday lyrics” and found some classics but none are more classic to me than The Allman Brothers. They sing *my* song, Melissa. It is *the* song that can always make me feel better no matter how bad the day. On a really bad day, I’ll just put it on repeat for a bit.

So, I had a cheat moment that I both regret and don’t. It was someone’s birthday and I really meant to go to a Vegan bakery to get something for myself over the weekend but they were closed when I went by. I got a Groupon and everything.

I know. Not sufficient. It’s like Dianna Kokoszka says in BOLD, “you can either have excuses or results, but not both”. Le sigh. 40 more days!

Breakfast: Starbucks oatmeal and Tazo teas Calm and Refresh but instead of having water, I have them steam apple juice… it’s my favorite little secret!

Mid-morning: more tea

Lunch: Half of a veggie bowl at The Flame Broiler with brown rice and water

Mid-afternoon: my cheat – a carrot cupcake. It was so good but I don’t like purposefully cheating on Lent. I’ve accidentally done it a couple of times but consciously cheating made me feel bad… but Anna does make the best cupcakes EVER!

Dinner-ish (5pm): the rest of my bowl from lunch

Late Dinner: a multi-fish sushi roll at Miyako with no rice and wrapped in cucumber. I don’t know how they made it work but they did. It was too big, bulky and slippery for me to manage with chopsticks so I ate it with a, gasp, fork. I didn’t miss the rice at all. Oh, and I had some miso soup and edamame and hot tea.


Day 2: Alright, I’m Starting to Miss Cheese a Little… Okay, a Lot!

Today had more people going “WTH?!” and saying they couldn’t do it… you could. You’re just choosing not to. Anybody’s capable of doing anything, I believe. I’m not some super human. Just a girl who wants to be healthier. Speaking of, I feel like that needs to be clarified further. I love meat! I grew up on 65 acres with lots of cattle. Venison is amazing! My family owns a deer lease. I’ve eaten the gamiest of foods. There is little I would shy away from. This is NOT an issue about animal rights. This is an issue about my health. I really believe that my body needs a “cleanse” of some sorts and I’m thoroughly enjoying treating my taste buds to a different way of eating (no smothering of cheese). So, don’t think I don’t want to eat turkey sausage or have some chicken noodle soup… I totally do! This is about cleaning up my eating so I can live a longer, healthier life.

So, today had a bit more temptation… correction, there were a few things that felt more taunting that yesterday. I’m seeing the error of my ways, God. Can I go back on a bit of this Lent madness? No? Fine, I’ll stick to it!

Breakfast: Nature Valley Peanut Butter bars with at least 5 cups of green tea (I was in a meeting)

Lunch: Wahoo’s salad with shrimp and no tortilla strips or cheese with balsamic vinaigrette… it was bomb and I only ate 1/2… score! I drank a big thing of water then had a big thing of green tea

Afternoon: drank a lot of water and had a cup of tea… I think it was Tazo’s Awake. It was good and the warmth was nice and helped keep me awake

Dinner: beans with salsa. No turkey sausage, no cheese, no rice… just beans. This is where the temptation was so friggin strong. BUT I was starving by the time I ate so cardboard would’ve started sounding good soon.

I seriously need to do some grocery shopping! Does anyone know where you can get Vegan, er, everything? It’s the only way I’m going to survive!

Day 1: Oh My Goodness!

As with all good Catholics (alright even the bad ones do this), Lent means the beginning of the end… for a habit or food. During Lent, Catholics sacrifice something of meaning to them. For years now, mine has been associated with food – go figure! A girl talking about food, right?! Well, this year I wanted to make a drastic decision after seeing a little movie entitled Forks over Knives. It spoke to the health benefits of going vegan. So, for Lent I thought I might go Vegan but after some resistance about my lack of knowledge of how to properly get nutrition via this new form of food consumption, I decided to do a very strict, almost Vegan Lent. I’m giving up the following:

  • coffee – I know but I still get tea
  • chocolate – worst time to start giving this lover up
  • eggs – the one thing I could eat every single day and NEVER get tired of
  • cheese – this will probably be the most difficult part… no, I’m not kidding. I can add cheese to almost everything!
  • meat (with the exception of seafood) – I told my friend that I’d maintain a traditional form of protein till I learned more
  • fried foods – the first year I did this, I was still living in Texas and was stumped for weeks as to what I could eat
  • white flour/rice/pasta – I really try to wheat as much as possible but this will force me into it… saddest part? Sushi!
  • whole-fat dairies – i.e. only low or nonfat versions need apply here
  • liquor – bye, bye vodka waters!
  • beer – and my occasional Stella! (notice wine’s not included… Jesus drank wine so I’m thinking we’re cool)
  • soda – I don’t drink many anyway so this won’t be that hard but the lack of caffeine will take a bit of a toll

So, here’s Day 1… Ash Wednesday… And, what did it look like? Like a lot of “what the heck can I have?”

Breakfast: Starbucks oatmeal with brown sugar, dried fruit and mixed nuts – yummy!

Lunch: Chipotle – this was a bit odd. “Sir, can I have the bowl with, um, nothing?” I got a bowl with brown rice, black beans, corn salsa, hot salsa, guacamole, lettuce and all 3 versions of Tabasco. When I asked if the sour cream was low-fat, the girl said it wasn’t then proceeded to tell me that the guac had more calories. With a bit of a sneer and education in what I’m actually giving up “Hello, it’s not calories, hun,” my friend and I took our seats and laughed about how creamy her’s looked and how green and red mine did. Thanks for my glass of water, too!

Afternoon Snack? I drank half of a Berry Blast Naked Juice… it was so good and while I wish I had a V8 (totally not an endorsed plug), it was enough to make me feel as if I had some fruit in my belly. The reason I wish I had a V8 is simply because I always feel energized after… like I man-handled a massive salad. Do I like the taste? No! Does anyone?

Dinner: tuna with Wheat Thins and some honey Greek yogurt – that stuff is addictive!

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