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Day 9: On Thursday, Make Sure You Are Thirsty

This song is by a band I haven’t heard of, The Weeknd, but it features someone all Millennials know, Drake. The name of the song is The Zone (Thursday). Is it just me or is it a bit odd? And long? Hm, to each his own.

Breakfast: yea, I didn’t have one – I know… bad! I had an efusjon and 2 cups of Tazo‘s Awake tea

Mid-morning: just tea

Lunch: a cup-ish of wheat pasta (nothing on it) and 4 1/2 stalks of celery

Mid-afternoon: edamame and water

Dinner: cod, brown rice and steamed broccoli and water

Not a banner day but I’ll try to do better tomorrow… I promise!


Day 6: They Call it Stormy Monday…

I thought I’d play with these titles so I googled Monday lyrics” and found some classics but none are more classic to me than The Allman Brothers. They sing *my* song, Melissa. It is *the* song that can always make me feel better no matter how bad the day. On a really bad day, I’ll just put it on repeat for a bit.

So, I had a cheat moment that I both regret and don’t. It was someone’s birthday and I really meant to go to a Vegan bakery to get something for myself over the weekend but they were closed when I went by. I got a Groupon and everything.

I know. Not sufficient. It’s like Dianna Kokoszka says in BOLD, “you can either have excuses or results, but not both”. Le sigh. 40 more days!

Breakfast: Starbucks oatmeal and Tazo teas Calm and Refresh but instead of having water, I have them steam apple juice… it’s my favorite little secret!

Mid-morning: more tea

Lunch: Half of a veggie bowl at The Flame Broiler with brown rice and water

Mid-afternoon: my cheat – a carrot cupcake. It was so good but I don’t like purposefully cheating on Lent. I’ve accidentally done it a couple of times but consciously cheating made me feel bad… but Anna does make the best cupcakes EVER!

Dinner-ish (5pm): the rest of my bowl from lunch

Late Dinner: a multi-fish sushi roll at Miyako with no rice and wrapped in cucumber. I don’t know how they made it work but they did. It was too big, bulky and slippery for me to manage with chopsticks so I ate it with a, gasp, fork. I didn’t miss the rice at all. Oh, and I had some miso soup and edamame and hot tea.

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