From Texan to Vegan

One Girl's Struggle Through Lent

Weight Tracker

Goal: 132          When do I want to reach it: June 1st

Unreal-but-would-love Goal: 125          There’s no real hope of reaching this but let’s be adventurous and say October 1st

Week 1: Ash Wednesday – February 28th

  • Day 1: 170 – eek, I know. I remember when 150 was my fat weight! The scale at the office says 160 but I’m going off the one here at home so if the work one’s right then I’m going to look banging when Easter gets here!
  • Day 2: same – ugh!
  • Day 3: still holding strong!
  • Day 4: 166 – WHAT?! Woohoo! Let’s keep it coming!
  • Day 5: Maybe that was a blip or I drank too much water before weighing in… unsure but I’m back to 170 :/
  • Day 6: didn’t weigh in
  • Day 7: still 170 – ugh! in the morning then 166 after work… hmmm…

Week 2: Leap Day – March 6th

  • Day 8: 168 (end of night) – where’s all the weight loss from shock of diet change?
  • Day 9:165 in the morning and 166 before bed… we’re getting a bit more steady here… I’m liking that but still wondering when the big drop is going to happen… isn’t my body going into shock yet? Cause my mind sure is!
  • Day 10: didn’t weigh myself
  • Day 11: 166
  • Day 12: 167
  • Day 13: didn’t weigh myself
  • Day 14: 167 at end of day… can I get some weight loss up in here?!

Week 3: March 7th – 13th

  • Day 15:

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