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Day 14: Tuesday afternoon, I’m just beginning to see, now I’m on my way

This song is honestly from a band that I never thought I’d quote but a) if I’m staying with a theme, we’ve got to keep it going and b) I really like that line for today so, without further adeu, The Moody Blues Band:

Morning: an apple and dayquil

Mid-morning: 3 cups of green tea (it seriously is keeping me going)

Lunch: Chipotle bowl of brown rice, black beans, all the salsas (including corn), lettuce and guac with a water to drink – I was beyond full and didn’t feel heavy or tired after and some more dayquil – I am not getting sick!

Mid-afternoon: more green tea

Dinner: wheat spaghetti with a tomato cut up and really dark leafy lettuce torn up into pieces with some olive oil drizzled over and some freshly ground pepper… oh, and a piece of wheat pita bread and some kalamata olives – bomb dot com

So, it seems to be getting easier BUT I’m still not 100% (Vegan) yet. Dropping those last dairy items is going to be challenging – not because I love them so dang much but because it’s harder to shop for their Vegan equivalent.


Day 7: Tuesday Came And Went Like a Helicopter Overhead

I’m liking this lyric idea… it’s kind of fun. This is from a Five for Fighting song called, you guessed it, Tuesday. I didn’t realize it was a 9/11 tribute till I watched the video. It doesn’t take much for us to go back to that day, does it? Everyone says this but, I still can’t believe it’s been 10 years!


Breakfast: bowl of Kashi with 2% milk

All Day Long: loads of water and green tea

Mid-morning: Starbucks nonfat chai tea latte

Lunch: a small bag of nuts and a small fruit cup… I know I need to eat more but I didn’t have time to leave… crazy day!

Dinner: shrimp in lobster sauce with broccoli and carrots and chow mein with shrimp and steamed vegetable dumplings(!) from Far East Gourmet in La Verne

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